Berlin | 2024 | Illustration and animation 

The sanitation crisis is linked to various factors like rapid urban growth and climate change. Its health impacts are severe, due to pathogen transmission and environmental contamination. Moreover, inadequate sanitation hinders education and employment opportunities, keeping children out of school and adults out of work. Corruption and integrity failures exacerbate this crisis by undermining accountability, transparency, participation, and anti-corruption measures. Addressing these interconnected issues is vital for promoting public health, sustainable development, and social equity.

Together with WIN - Water Integrity Network, I designed an online course on the topic of City wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS). Within 4 modules the user explores the different levels of CWIS - starting with the challenges and ending with information about governance and regulation. The online course will be launched in July 2024 on moodle and is a cooperation with ITN BUET and ESAWAS.