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Berlin | 2020 | concept & production of the Hangar X workshop | ︎by Allegra Kortlang

In August 2020 Torhaus Berlin e.V. started the Hangar X open call to rise the question around the development of the airport building: What if we could collectively develop one of the six empty airport hangars?

The project started with an Open Call that gathered approx. 50 Entries. The submittors were invited to join a collective planning process with methods of creative appropriation, tools of self- organisation, prototyping and self-zoning. For the first Workshop the Popticum Collective build an inflatable structure and we moved into an empty Hangar. The skin of the structure was used as a canvas during the workshop. 

Find the whole documentation of all three workshops here

The three planning workshop took place in the context of the „Living The City“ exhibition.