Berlin | 2020 | Bachelor Thesis at UdK Berlin | ︎by Manuel Meinhardt

is a newly founded Zine publishing house from Berlin

We design and publish zines: colorful magazines that are published by self-appointed authors. The many personal stories and visions, always told from the perspective of the authors themselves are creating visions and dreams for public space. The Zineria has settled at Tempelhof Airport and offers the opportunity for sharing thoughts and ideas about that place.

The Zineria has specialized in online zines out of consideration for the environment, but also publishes zines in the context of exhibitions and/or on special occasions. Zineria offers workshops and is itself also a learning organisation. In the workshops no knowledge is patented but wildly passed on. So every created zine can become collage material again and thus creative inspiration for new zines.

Find all Zines on instagram ︎Zine.ria

︎by me